(Last updated March 28th 2018)

What is LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to display live webcams & video chat services on your website, and charge anything you like per minute for your customers to view, chat and interact with your webcam models.

It includes various public, private and semi-private modes, pay per minute billing, tipping functions and detailed accounting system that tracks every penny, and suite of software and services to help your business grow quickly.

LiveCamNetwork includes software for Per-minute billing for live broadcasts. Every second of every session is acrruately tracked and reported.

I want to own my video chat service but I do not have the time to manage it. Can you help?

Yes. All licenses include standard business support where we provide advice and guidance to help you to grow your business. We also offer a new full management management service where we do absolutely everything for you. Contact us for more information & to check availability.

LiveCamNetwork SOLO is a single broadcaster system intended for anyone who wants to broadcast on their own website, and who does not currently plan to hire other broadcasters. It is a simplified version of LiveCamNetwork Pro.

What are the main differences between LiveCamNetwork Solo, Professional and Enterprise?

LiveCamNetwork SOLO is a single broadcaster system intended for anyone who wants to broadcast on their own website, and who does not currently plan to hire other broadcasters. It is a simplified version of LiveCamNetwork Pro.

LiveCamNetowrk Professional and Enterprise on the other hand contain features such as broadcast account management, user management, accounting and payroll, and is intended for people who want to build a webcam business by hiring many broadcasters.

How do my customers pay for these services?

Customers pay online via an included credit card payment system. All payments are processed, reported and credited in real time in a variety of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.

What are the hardware requirements for broadcasters?

Broadcasters can use any desktop or laptop PC or Mac. A webcam, microphone, and a high speed Internet connection is required.

Can broadcasters send live video from their smartphones or tablets?

This feature is currently only available in Cam eEGO, and is coming to LiveCamNetwork in spring 2018.

Can I use LiveCamNetwork on an adult site?

Yes. Adult websites with legal adult content is allowed.

When am I paid?

Payouts are made to you daily, weekly or bi-weekly depending on your choice of payment processor.

What Payment processors & payment gateways support LiveCamNetwork?

The list of payment processors that support LiveCamNetwork include Paypal, CCBill, Verotel, Epoch, Netbilling Segpay and Surf&Pay, with more on the way.

How much money can I make?

The sky's the limit! Some sites generate a few thousand dollars per month in sales, while others generate $100k per month or more. How much you make depends on the types of content you provide, and the types of customers you attract

Do you accept Bitcoin (BTC) Payments?

Yes. Please call 1-866-892-5122 or Contact us to arrange bitcoin payments.

Can I accept payments from customers using Bitcoin?

Yes, but this requires the installation of an additional payment processor and other software and costs extra. Please call 1-866-892-5122 or Contact us for current pricing.

What devices can view my website's webcam broadcasts?

Just about any PC or Mac can view your broadcasts, as well as most moden Smartphones and tablets. Smart TV's such as those produced by Samsung and LG can also display your content.

I already have a website. Can I add LiveCamNetwork services to it?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork can operate as an addition to your existing website, or as a stand-alone website.

Does LiveCamNetwork overwrite my existing website?

No. If you already have a website and are using LiveCamNetwork to add video chat services to it, we would install LiveCamNetwork on a sub domain of your existing domain. Nothing on your existing website is touched, and nothing is overwritten or changed in any way.

Can I buy a custom license instead of the licenses currently offered?

Yes. Contact us and let us know what you need, and we will put together a custom license and setup just for you.

I have a website with content available only to members and subscribers. Can I use LiveCamNetwork to provide live webcam shows to my members only?

Yes! LiveCamNetwork can be installed to provide live video chat only to your own members. You can provide free chat shows to your members, or charge per minute, or tips, or all of the above

I own many websites. Is there a way to use LiveCamNetwork for them all?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork Enterprise contains a multi-domain license that can be configured to exactly suit your needs.

Can I use my own logos and name? And can I customize the look-and-feel?

Yes! Your logo will appear on all pages. Furthermore you can edit all of the text, layout and placement of all elements of all pages to get exactly the look you want.

What are the chat room options I can offer my customers?

  • Free Chat: Broadcast to unlimited number of your websites visitors, members or customers, at no charge to them. Use Free Chat to have general discussions, or as up-sell to private pay per minute chat.
  • Semi-Private "Group" Chat: Broadcast a semi-private video and audio chat to an unlimited number of Paying customers at the same time. Built in Pay Per Minute billing and accounting tracks exactly how long each customer spends, and limits their time based on account balances. Charge any amount you like per minute.
  • Private "VIP" Chat: Broadcast a private video and audio chat to a single user, for any per-minute price you want to charge. Built in accounting insures accurate times and funds collected.
  • Passive "Voyeur" Chat: Broadcast to additional users in both private VIP chat and semi-private Group chat modes to customers who just want to watch!
  • Virtual Private Rooms, or "ViPeR". Viper is a recorded chat room play-back system that lets you earn additional revenue while your customers watch previously recorded chat sessions. You can also use the Viper system to Play video clips or entire movies for a per-minute fee of your choosing.
  • Tips / Tributes: Allow your customers to tip any broadcaster on your website, for any amount, in any chat mode. Adjustable tip splits and detailed accounting insure that both you and you broadcasters receive their fair share of the tip.
  • Tip Goals: Now your models can create "tip goals", and then perform shows once the goal is reached. It incldues features such as multi-goal support, automated prompts, automatic goal count-downs, and customizable alerts
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Can I sell or install banner add on my website?


Can I use my own payment processor to accept payments?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork is supported by CCBill, Epoch, PayPal, Segpay and Netbilling and Verotel.

Can I use my own Merchant Account?


Do you provide business and marketing support?

Yes. We provide advertising and marketing support and services, as well as referral services and business support to help your business grow and steer-clear of common mistakes.

Where will my LiveCamNetwork site be hosted?

The servers that power your LiveCamNetwork sites are located in New York as well as in Cloud servers located around the world, with bandwidth provided by Peer1 Networks. Each server is running the latest version of Redhat Linux, Wowza, MySQL, and other technologies. Please see our hosting section for more information.


MBase increases your revenue potential by allowing you to license your live chat model content to other websites in our network, and by giving you the ability to instantly add live content to your own site, and sell that content for any price you want to charge, per minute.

As a new site owner, you can use MBASE to populate your website with existing, live chat models instantly, giving your site more content for your customers to chat with. This also gives the appearance of a website that is very active even though it is still new, making it easier to attract new customers and new chat models.

Mbase also works in reverse, letting you license your live chat model feeds to other websites. This gives you and your chat models customers instant customers and helps you to build your business.

Can customers tip broadcasters?

Yes. Your customers can tip broadcasters in both public and private chat. A "Send private message on tip" function is built in to encourage even more tips. The accounting system will split the value of the tip between the chat model and you, the site owner, any way you like.

Does LiveCamNetwork HAVE A TIP-GOAL option??

Yes! LiveCamNetwork now offers a tip-goal option allowing models to generate much higher tip revenue than ever before.

Can I edit the Meta-Tags and apply my own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques?

Yes. Each page can be edited in any way, including changes to each pages Title, Keyword,Description and other tags. Each broadcasters Profile page includes unique names and keywords that can also be used in various tags.

Can I add my own social media links or tags?

Yes. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and virtually any other social media links or tags you like.