Stream your content to other sites, and add live content to your site from others, instantly with MBASE

Broadcast your live streams to other websites in the network with MBASE. Reach a wider audience and generate additional revenue from multiple sources at the same time for the same content, while your models enjoy increased commissions.

Add Live content from other sites to yours instantly too. Instantly expand choices available to your customers and earn additional revenue while increasing engagement.

Mbase gives your website live broadcasters instantly, even on the first day of your new business. You choose which content to display, and what prices to provide that content at.

All webcam models appear as Organic Content on your site, complete with your logo, colors and branding, with no links to any other websites. Your customers never leave your site to chat with Mbase models. Best of all, MBASE Models and websites are automatically compensated automatically.

No extra software is required, and no bandwidth-hogging stream splitting is required by your broadcasters either.

You control which of your chat models you want to license to other sites, and which models you wish to display on yours. Add and remove models any time, and control all price, all in real time. Enable or disable Mbase any time you like, and monitor all sales in real time.

MBase Enhanced

MBASE Enhanced (Enterprise Only) provides you with all of the same features as standard Mbase, but with the addition of *SiteView*, a new reporting system that lets you see each domain that your webcam models models stream to.

Like you, each site owner can pick and choose which content to display on their websites. With Mbase Enhanced, you can now see which other sites are displaying your broadcast models, and at what price they are charging for your content.

This gives you insight about how your broadcast models are presented and priced. Improve their images and adjust your prices to improve network coverage, or even adjust niches. Mbase Enhanced provides a fantastic edge to site owners who want to get the maximum exposure for their models.

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